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OBD2 Scan

A Check Engine Light can mean anything from a faulty sensor to a catastrophic failure. We will determine the code and suggest possible causes and then offer our recommendation for repair. Give us a call to schedule this free service. And best of all, we come to you.

OBD2 Code Retrieval
Auxillary Lighting
Oil Change

Wiper Installation

Visibility is important. Make sure you can see when weather hits. We have inexpensive replacements as well as wipers silicone wipers from PIAA.
Once you choose your wipers, we'll install them for free.

Wiper Installation
Remote Controls
Timing Belt

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Wheel and tire packages –Wheel-Tire Package







Engine Performance Class 1&2 Hitches LED Replacements Air Horns
Brake Upgrades Class 3 Hitches HID conversions Train Kits
Suspension Upgrades Class 4&5 Hitches HID Bulbs Air Parts
Towing Electrical Accent Lighting
Auxillary Kits

Bed Covers



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