Sealed Power 1160M Engine Camshaft Bearing Set

Brand:Sealed Power Part Number:1160M Category:Engine Camshaft Bearing Set SKU:33273724 Availability:Out of Stock Country of Manufacture United States
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1954 FO V8 239CI 3.9L Ford; 1957-1955 FO V8 272CI 4.5L; 1962-1955 FO V8 292CI 4.8L; 1960-1956 FO V8 312CI 5.1L; 1955 FOT L/D V8 239CI 3.9L Ford; 1957-1956 FOT L/D V8 272CI 4.5L; 1963-1958 FOT L/D V8 292CI 4.8L;+(MORE)

  • w/Grooved No. 3 cam journal
Feature 1:Steel-backed Babbitt lining materialFeature 2:Used in automotive and high-performanceFeature 3:Babbitt is designed to perform under extreme loads w/o damaging other engine partsFeature 4:Babbitt is more environmentally friendly than other materialFeature 5:ISO & QS certified manufacturingPart Material:Steel backed babbitt or bronze alloyDesign Feature 1:Grooved No. 3 cam journalPackage Alert:Full setStandard Size:Standard
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