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LX-Nine by Lexani Tires


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The Lexani LX-9 is a versatile tire with excellent traction and improved performance that does well in different kinds of weather. Even when you’re driving in wet or dry conditions, you can be assured that the Lexani LX-9 will steer you towards the right direction as you drive. These tires feature a wide and solid shoulder which provides great riding stability and outstanding cornering. Its innovative tread block pattern makes use or wide circumferential grooves which effectively channels away water. Your car is guaranteed to look good in a set of LX-9!

Features & Benefits

  • Unique tread design for off-road traction and on-road handling as well as effectively channeling water away.
  • Offers outstanding cornering and precision handling similar to European sports cars making the car ideal for handling high speeds.
  • Can be used during wet and dry conditions which means no need to change the tires for the whole year.
  • Tire shoulders are wide enough to provide excellent cornering and stability and is made out of durable material with thick and deep treads.
  • Offers low road-noise for a comfortable and smoother ride that doesn’t compromise performance. An ideal tire for compact cars, minivans, and SUVs. These passenger tires make it ideal for commuters who put in long miles every week.

Additional information

Tire Size

235/35ZR20, 275/45R20, 275/55R20, 285/50R20, 235/30ZR22, 245/30ZR22, 255/30ZR22, 265/30ZR22, 265/35R22, 265/40R22, 295/25ZR22, 305/40R22, 305/45R22, 245/30ZR24, 255/30ZR24, 275/25ZR24, 275/30ZR24, 295/35R24, 305/35R24, 295/30ZR26, 305/30ZR26


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