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LX-Thirty by Lexani Tires


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The Lexani LX-30 is an all-season performance tire specially designed for drivers who travel frequently under various weather conditions. Featuring an advanced European design, the Lexani LX-30 provides an exceptional driving experience with high speed capabilities. This tire gives you the best value for your money for its ability to last long despite driving it around in challenging weather. It provides stable handling to give you confidence to drive on the road and comfort that your passengers are sure to love. Its long-lasting construction ensures that you get to use this tire for a very long time. Lexani is the perfect brand of tire for the meticulous driver who only want the best. Started in 1996, the company has a reputation for being a world leader in tires. It wasn™t long before Lexani would be synonymous with quality performance tires.

Features & Benefits

  • Unique tread pattern optimally designed to help you handle wet and dry weather
  • Delivers traction for any type of road surface
  • Durable construction that give you the best value for your money

Additional information

Tire Size

255/55ZR18, 265/60R18, 275/40ZR20, 315/35ZR20, 265/35ZR22, 285/45R22, 295/30ZR22, 305/40R22, 305/45R22, 335/25ZR22, 275/25ZR24, 275/30ZR24, 295/35R24, 305/35R24, 255/30ZR26, 275/25ZR26, 295/30ZR26, 305/30ZR26, 315/40R26, 275/25ZR28, 295/25ZR28, 325/35R28, 255/30R30, 315/20ZR30, 305/25ZR32


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